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Aardvark Embedded Solutions software enginering team are, first and foremost, embedded software engineers.

That said, we also develop software for Windows PCs, using Visual Studio or Borland Codebuilder, and for handheld Windows CE devices using Visual Studio. And due to our knowledge of both PCs and embedded systems, we have great experience in interfacing embedded equipment to PC applications.

Our languages of choice for embedded systems would be either C or C++. Our standard processor choices are the Renesas (Hitachi) H8 family, the RX621 or the AtMega range from Atmel.

And for those really tiny applications, we are fluent in assembly language development for the PIC range of microcontrollers.

Although we have a specialist knowledge of the various communications protocols that are used throughout the gaming, vending, kiosk and retail industries, the history of our software engineering personnel covers a very broad range of control applications.

So if you are looking for custom sotware development from the smallest PIC microcontroller all the way through to to an applications communicating over the worldwide web, email to discuss your needs.

Examples of Past OEM Software Development Projects

We were commissioned by an Asian Utility Company, to write PC-based kiosk software for an Electrical Vehicle Recharge Scheme for deployment in Asia. This was a .NET application, written in C#. It used a public transport payment card for payment and reported billing information back to the utility company's server.

We were commissioned to write the control software for an International Coin Hopper manufacturer. This was to run on a PCB of their design and was written in assembly language for a PIC microcontroller.

We were commissioned to write the software for an International Bill Validator Manufacturer to run on a hand-held computer and extract and display images of bank notes accepted. This was for dispute resolution on a casino floor.

We have written the control software for a number of rail ticketing systems. This was embedded software, running a diverse collection of coin acceptors, bill validators, hoppers and other equipment.

So regardless of your appplication or hardware platform, if you are looking for custom sotware development email to discuss your needs.

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