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The Naples USB / PC Lamp Reel & Switch Game Controller, product code NICRUF, from Aardvark Embedded Solutions Ltd. (AES) is a fully featured AWP lamp and reel controller, driven from a PC via an industry standard USB connection.

The compact controller card carries a powerful, high-speed microcontroller, that shoulders all responsibility for the sub-millisecond,low-level control of up to 256 matrix lamps and 8 reels. It is designed to drive the 12 volt, 1.2 Watt bulbs and 48 step 12 / 24 volt reel motors common throughout the AWP industry, although it is not inherently limited to AWP applications.

The AES approach is to use the embedded controller to relieve the PC of the need to handle high speed, sub-millisecond control, as it is unable to meet such tight timing requirements. We then use the high bandwidth and low latency of a USB connection to give the PC application detailed control over the "high level" actions of the lamps and reels.

A brochure describing this is available for download here and more details as to how to use this Naples Controller are avaialble on our technical details page.

Naples Game Controller
Naples Game Controller
Product Code: NICRUF
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