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On-line support for this unit is provided in these pages. For this product you can access the latest Downloads, or alternatively you can try our Support Forum.

Advice on the purchase of suitable lamp and reel peripherals and support for problems of a purely hardware nature, is outside the scope of this website. At present we can offer limited e-mail support from

If the failure is evident with the demo program, then we will find it much easier to troubleshoot your problem. If the failure is not evident, then that will indicate that you are using the interface in a different way, and we will probably want to ask some quite detailed questions.

Product Downloads
The entire interaction with the external hardware is handled by firmware running on the Naples Controller itself. The PC software only requires updating if you are intending to use a new facility not supported by the version you have installed. (This will be obvious because your application will refuse either to link or to load!)

The documents are all in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Acrobat Reader software in order to open the documents. You can download the software here.


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Naples Game Controller
Naples Game Controller
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